Sons of Anarchy: A Recommendation


Since I have only got one show running on TV at the moment (The Walking Dead), I’m low on things to write about. So until my weekly viewing schedule returns to normal, recommendations and summaries of other shows will be the only thing breaking up the immense and glorious flow of Walking Dead posts.

Sons of Anarchy Jax

Jax tears it up on a chopper, as you would if you were a biker.

Sons of Anarchy, a show about a biker gang of the same name, is probably #2 on my list of favorite shows right now, since it just about has everything you could want from a television series. For starters, Charlie Hunnam (who plays the central character, Jax), is British and puts on a very believable American accent (American readers are welcome to confirm or deny this). To list more resone to watch Sons:

  • Conflict, both physical and emotional.
  • Motorcycles
  • Leather jackets
  • Good-guy-bad-guys and bad-good-bad-guys
  • A general disregard for liver health
  • Katey Sagal acting and singing, which brings me to:
  • The soundtrack
  • Plus you get Jax Teller…
What an attractive man.

What an attractive man.

Aside from all that, you get emotional attachment to the characters that you probably won’t get from any other series. Theres something odd about watching a bearded, overweight, leather clad man cry, but it makes it seem real, and the feeling you get after an episode is finished is often the most intense ‘want’ to see the next episode to know if it will all be okay. After 5 seasons, the anxiety between episodes has become normal, and the wait between seasons grows more difficult.

Unfortunately you have to do a lot of looking at Ron Perlman‘s face, but don’t worry, his acting more than makes up for it. He, as Jax’s stepfather, acts alongside Katey Sagal who plays Jax’s mother, not the ‘Married… With Children” role she started her career with at all. From the start, you can see the influence and capacity to manipulate others that these two possess. Aspects of the show such as this are what intrigues you, and draws you in to stay. Kurt Sutter, the writer of Sons, shows that he puts a lot of thought into where characters will end up or what they will be from the second you see them on screen. The effect of this is that at milestones in a character’s development, you can’t imagine not watching Sons.

Ron Perlman Looks rough in the morning...

Ron Perlman looks rough in the morning…

As an avid Sons fan I look forward to September, when I’ll be able to sit down for an hour a week and watch some of the manliest man-love I ever did see. That doesn’t sound strange, right?


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